Do you handle refunds? What is your return policy?
Each product is a custom order for PROCESS-V0 so we currently don't support returns unless there are flaws in craftsmanship. Our fits closely resemble prominent US brand fit. We try not to reinvent the wheel on sizing or fit. If this is for a 1-of-n item, we'll be happy to accept returns within a 7 day window from delivery date.

Why is your return policy so limited?

As of date, we aren't familiar with any fashion manufacturers who do custom orders with a return policy for one of prints. For artists prints, the terms of service will be different and returns will be based the brand or artist.
Are there physical stores?
Not yet. But we do plan to attend several Ethereum conferences in major cities starting with Devcon 7 in SEA. If you're an artist in the NFT space and want to collaborate on new mints, or an established DAO, get in touch here.


How do you handle payments?
Outpaint uses Coinbase Commerce to handle payments. Payments are made onchain using Coinbase and may have additional fees. We recommend using USDC on Base for the best experience.
Why are the prices presented in ETH?
In cases you don't own the underlying NFT, it's more efficient to show the prices denominated in a single unit vs 2 different types of payments for a single transaction. Regardless, we show the USD denominated prices as well.


How long does it take to get my order?
We typically ship your custom order in weekly batches from payment date so we expect an estimate 3 weeks initially until we can refine or delivery dates. We plan to get shipment times down to weekly as our volumes go up.
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